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We offer our clients some of the most popular and reliable materials for construction today. Among them are classic bricks, lightweight and cheaper aerated concrete and foam concrete, as well as wood popular at all times.

Who We Are

Building a house is an important and extremely responsible mission

Which our company successfully copes with, which has won a well-deserved prestige in the construction market and has powerful personnel and technical modern potential.
What kind of houses are we building?
The construction of houses, summer cottages, cottages, townhouses, hotels, and other facilities is the main activity of our company, which ensures high-quality work at all stages of construction when performing:

Preparatory work on the site, during the construction of foundations;
Facade, welding operations;
Finishing works;
Roof installation;
Wall erection;
Internal and external communications.

Beautiful Home by Holmes
Building Approved By Holmes

Years in the Business

We professionally carry out the construction and design of houses, cottages, baths.

Happy Clients

We are able to competently carry out any individual home project.


Construction is carried out all year round in any condition, which in modern realities does not affect the quality in any way.

Our Story

The construction of houses from the specified materials on a turnkey basis and for any projects, low prices is the main activity of our construction company. Of course, more than 80% of the houses we build are brick and stone. In addition to the competitiveness of our prices, customers choose these types of cottages because of their reliability and durability. In addition, houses made of aerated concrete and aerated concrete are built in the shortest possible lines. In just a couple of months, your family will be able to celebrate a housewarming party in their own cottage, enjoying the comfort and privacy.

During our work, we have accumulated vast experience. Our base of house projects is constantly updated with new architectural developments and even unique projects that do not require additional individual design at all.

Building a cottage or a house approved by Holmes is a rather complicated process, and we approach it wisely and responsibly. Customer confidence and positive feedback about our company are very important to us. We do not build carbon-copy houses! Each project is individual and interesting for us, as are the people ordering it. We literally live with every project, we take into account the peculiarities of the land plot, the needs of the customer, we think through everything to the smallest detail, so that, as a result, you get a reliable, comfortable and convenient home for a permanent and happy life of your whole family.

Who We Are

Our Team of Experts

Our experts will make for you the best offers in terms of quality and price (believe me, this is possible). After talking with our consultants, you will understand that you have chosen the right construction company!

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If you want your new home to stand for decades, be convenient and comfortable, then use our services. The construction of private houses on a turnkey basis is our specialization, in which we have achieved considerable success. However, why talk about it, I suggest you study our projects, services and prices, analyze everything and call our office, and a detailed estimate will be ready as soon as possible!  Contact Us