Building a brick house

Brick houses have always been considered the highest quality, warmest, externally beautiful buildings. These characteristics are explained by the fact that brick is a fairly durable material that has served for centuries. At the same time, it retains its original appearance.

Brick is a wonderful material that will make your cottage or country house not only reliable, but also beautiful

Prices for building a brick house

The specialists have sufficient experience to build a turnkey brick house, increase its durability and avoid possible drawbacks that might arise during the construction process, for example, salt deposits, white stains on the surface due to the use of low-quality materials, or wrong construction technology. We comply with all norms and rules for the construction of buildings, therefore, a house built by our company will look really beautiful for a long time, while retaining its original characteristics.

For more information on construction prices, see the price list for certain types of construction work, as well as using the online calculation of the construction cost. We build both inexpensive houses and luxury cottages, so we are able to provide flexible conditions for each client!

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Construction is carried out all year round in any condition, which in modern realities does not affect the quality in any way.

Building a brick house: advantages and disadvantages

Brick is a high-quality and refractory building material that allows you to create many different forms, thus embodying the most original construction projects.

Construction of brick cottages in Stroitel Unlike other building materials, brick allows oxygen to pass through, therefore the construction of brick houses is preferred by connoisseurs of fresh air and sufficient room humidity.

A brick is made of clay, and then fired in an oven at a high temperature, after which a fairly durable material is obtained, which is characterized by low thermal conductivity. It is for this reason that the construction of a brick cottage provides a fairly low room temperature in the summer and, to a certain extent, allows you to keep warm in the winter. The only drawback of brick buildings is high humidity inside the house and, nevertheless, in the winter period such structures must be heated, if this is not done for a long time, the house will be damp and cold, and it will take a lot of time to get warm in it. Also, a relatively high cost is considered a disadvantage, when compared, for example, with houses made of foam blocks.

Our Team of Building Experts

The team of the company is rightfully proud of each erected object, and also openly informs potential clients about the current construction projects – see how literally from scratch, a dream house is gradually “growing”. An additional argument in our favor can be profitable promotions designed to save your budget, time and nerves, as well as real feedback from our grateful customers. In general, we have tried to provide the maximum of reliable information so that you can make the right choice!

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If you want your new home to stand for decades, be convenient and comfortable, then use our services. The construction of private houses on a turnkey basis is our specialization, in which we have achieved considerable success. However, why talk about it, I suggest you study our projects, services and prices, analyze everything and call our office, and a detailed estimate will be ready as soon as possible!