Green Toronto Homeowners

Sustainable products, eco-awareness films, energy-efficient appliances and environmentally friendly incentives for homeowners are just a handful of the green things that we see all around us throughout the day, everywhere we look.

Government and City of Toronto incentives are still rewarding homeowners left and right when they renovate with green in mind.

Design and Build Their Own Green Dream Houses

Some of these homeowners are at the point in their lives where they have the chance to design and build their own green dream premade houses. Others may be looking to sell their current home and find another home that’s already built or designed to be green. Something perhaps with solar panels, eco-friendly materials and LEED certification?

While the incentives are real, the “green” industry isn’t a regulated entity and is really just a sum of all of its parts. From contractors who offer green work to awareness organizations and salespeople selling green products, the rules aren’t yet there to protect the many homeowners scrambling to go green for whatever reason.

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Report On Several Homeowners

The Toronto Star recently posted an in-depth investigative report on several homeowners who have been financially ravaged while trying to go green, from designing new green home features to renovating with environmentally-friendly materials.

While the government programs were legitimate (promising a ton of eco-friendly rebates for condo owners, some of which ranged into the tens of thousands of dollars) some were canceled without warning, leaving homeowners stranded in the middle of renovations.

Green technologies are also popping up everywhere, being touted by builders and contractors. Many companies are saying that they do green work or can help make your home more energy-efficient without any proof of past successful green products. In one case mentioned in the Star report, green building material was installed improperly, creating more waste and sucking up even more of the homeowner’s money. Other homeowners have paid thousands in architectural fees in order to have their green dream homes designed, only to run into contractual issues. You can see the land survey data on this matter. 

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The team of the company is rightfully proud of each erected object, and also openly informs potential clients about the current construction projects – see how literally from scratch, a dream house is gradually “growing”. 

Going green, whether to sell a home or save the planet, may involve costs and the expert knowledge and skills of other people. Just as if one might ask a plumber or electrician for references as well do some research to ensure an air-tight contract, the same diligence should be exercised when a homeowner undergoes renovations and goes green with the help of anyone, from contractors to architects.

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