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When building a house, we work only with classic and modern construction technologies:

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Holmes Communities are complete, compact neighborhoods with vibrant streetscapes, open green spaces and modern, high-performance Holmes Homes and Holmes Approved Homes. Residents live within walking distance of schools, restaurants, and shopping. Solar, wind, and geothermal technologies reduce the community’s demand on the power grid.

It’s all about getting people out of their cars, interacting with one another, living a more responsible lifestyle, and reconnecting to what a community is meant to be.


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High-quality almost turnkey DIY Steel houses
Projects and prices for every taste and budget
The complex construction of a house from the foundation to finishing and landscaping

Lots in The Holmes Community

The number of lots in the Holmes Community is determined by local needs, sustainable principles, and the requirement for balanced building types, rather than by the developers’ bottom line and profit margins. When possible, natural land characteristics are preserved—maintaining existing trees, promoting the growth of indigenous plant systems, and utilizing existing land contours and drainage patterns to manage stormwater run-off.

The first Holmes Community, Wind Walk, is expected to begin development in the scenic MD Foothills region of Southern Alberta, comprising 450 dwellings and 80,000 square feet of parkland, schools, retail spaces, and civic buildings.

We also planning to arrange the absolutely new possibility to pay the property fees with bitcoins in our modern community

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New Garage Door For The House

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Whether it is to leave the condo or to live in a more spacious place, finding the right apartment takes time and research.

In order to ensure that the apartment is truly suitable for your needs throughout the term of the lease, it is important to check certain aspects. Briefly, we must focus on the location, the cost, and the quality of the coveted apartment, before making everything official.


First of all, the neighborhood where the apartment is located should be right for you, and its location should be suitable for your needs.

You can then start your search based on the different areas where apartments are rented. Choose places that seem to suit your lifestyle. For example, family districts will be quieter and more peaceful, while those located in the city center will be more lively and noisy.

Also, we must carefully consider the location of the apartment. The proximity to stores and grocery stores is relatively important since you will have to go there at least once a week for your purchases. The same goes for the distance between the apartment and your job. This should be reasonable since you will be making the trip several times a day. Also, take into consideration that the driving time is not the same during the weekend as during rush hour!

Don’t Forget The Garage

In addition, if you do not have a car, public transport should be easily accessible from where you live. It is, therefore, necessary to find out about the bus, train, or metro services that are located near the apartment. And it’s gonna be important to make sure there is a prefab garage for your vehicle.


Another point to check before choosing your investment in an assignment opportunity apartments is the price of its rental. To make sure the amount is fair and affordable, find out about other rental units of the same type in the area.

Also, ask landlords what is included in the lease, and make sure everything is written on the official document. For example, you may have an agreement where the owner provides:

The parking space (s);
Cable and WiFi;
You should also check if you are able to cover all the monthly costs on your own or if you want to have a roommate to help you pay for everything.

Eventually, you will have to look at the apartment like Festival Condos itself and see if it suits your needs.

So keep in mind that you will have to live in this place for the next twelve months when you answer the following questions:

Do you want to have accommodation with a balcony?
Is the fenestration sufficient?
Does the apartment have enough rooms?
Is the floor right for you?
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