Smart Frame

After spending countless hours reviewing a broad spectrum of building frame types and spending thousands of dollars in development, the founder of our company developed the SmartframeTM  building system.  Built with heavy gauge, galvanized steel, the SmartframeTM system evenly disperses the building load rather than piling loads on I-beams set on centers as much as 25’ apart.   The SmartframeTM  utilizes heavy gauge galvanized wall posts set on 5’ centers all the way around each building.  Not only does this provide a stabilized evenly dispersed load that lends itself perfectly to interior build out, but it provides added strength.

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erection of walls and floors;
roofing; installation of doors, windows, stairs;


internal communications, electrics, heated floors; screed, plaster, and otherе.


 As was mentioned above, while reviewing other types of building frame systems our founder noticed that many of the much larger buildings, ie. (Grocery Supermarkets, very large Discount Superstores, office complexes, etc.), used the tried and proven V-Truss roof frame.  This type roof frame once again provides an even dispersal of load and added stabilization and this equates to strength.  So he asked the question, “Why can’t the buyer of a small private building realize these same benefits in their purchase?”  And so, a “v-truss system” was sought out and became an integral component of the SmartframeTM.  Additionally, the entire steel frame is wrapped, (all walls and roof), with heavy-duty galvanized stringers which provide two major benefits.  These stringers, on 5’ centers for the walls and 4’ centers for the roof purlins, add extreme rigidity to the entire building.  They also provide a strong galvanized steel base for the exterior panels. Although there are no screws or bolts in the SmartframeTM every exterior panel is screwed to a steel base, not one panel to another. 


And finally in HolmesHomes, there are no screws or bolts in the entire SmartframeTM system. Every connection is welded. A totally welded – 100% galvanized steel frame that’s strong, good looking and extremely conducive to interior build-out.

That’s the SmartframeTM and you’ll love it.

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