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Toronto building codes are changing, and by 2022 it’ll be mandatory for homes to be 35% more energy-efficient than they are today.

New homes will probably be built with higher-end, costlier and more energy-efficient cooling and heating systems as a result. These systems may also be costlier to maintain and repair should there be a problem, straining homeowners’ wallets even further.

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Toronto Homes In 2022 Will Have To Be 35% More Energy-Efficient Than They Are Today.

But a two-year-old program created by a local heating and air conditioning company offers a solution for new home builders, lowering their costs and giving their homebuyers a valuable option when choosing home comfort systems.

Think of just about the only perk of renting that becomes a drawback once you become a homeowner: repairs. When owning, if something breaks you’ve got to pay to have it fixed. When renting, it’s someone else’s responsibility and shouldn’t cost a thing.

Multiple award-winning Reliance Home Comfort, a Greater Toronto Area-based furnace, air conditioning and water heater service, has a Comfort Value Bundle Program, which allows homeowners to rent these appliances. There are pre-set appliance bundles, or homeowners can decide on a custom package. The most energy-efficient appliances can save homeowners up to 35% on their energy costs.

The majority of homeowners in Ontario already rent their hot water heaters, so renting large appliances isn’t a new concept. But these bundles take it to another level, allowing homeowners to rent multiple appliances that are either EnergyStar or energy-efficient, high end home comfort products. Service is also available at all times and if the home is sold the new homeowner can assume the rental.

This is a great idea for both homeowners and home builders in the Greater Toronto Area

To consider looking into further. Builders can reduce their overhead costs while complying with the new Ontario building codes by 2022, and homeowners can have peace of mind when it comes to their appliances saving energy and not breaking down.

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