Why do you have to sell your house to buy a condo

There are many reasons that can encourage a person to sell their house in order to buy a condo.

In fact, more and more buyers are turning to .. condos, whether to settle there or to sublet Buying a condo is not only an economical option, but also a choice that allows you to have more time for yourself and your family.


Brick is a wonderful material that will make your cottage or country house not only reliable, but also beautiful

Choose a condo for less maintenance

A house requires a lot of maintenance, unlike a condo where everything related to exterior maintenance is included. Like Grand Festival Condos in Vaughan by Menkes Developments

Homeowners have to take care of several exterior aspects, including landscaping in summer, in addition to snow removal from driveways in winter. If they decide to hire a company to take care of the maintenance, additional costs are added. Homeowners must also pay the full cost of replacing the roof when it needs to be changed, as well as asphalt or uni-stone for parking space.

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Building a house: advantages and disadvantages

Either way, homeowners have to spend time and money on maintaining a property.

Co-owners, for their part, do not have to take care of the exterior maintenance of their accommodation. Snow removal from the parking lot and entrances in winter is included, as is yard maintenance during the summer. These are the monthly condominium fee payments that cover the expenses related to the maintenance of the building.

Buy a condo to have more time for yourself

Since co-owners no longer have to devote time to maintaining their property, they can better enjoy life. Whether it is to spend more time with family or for leisure, the time savings that a condo provides is always well appreciated by co-owners.

Some people also choose to buy a pre-construction condo to afford travel. The savings in time and money that a condo represents allows them to fly out several times a year.

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